Dr James Eells
Professionals in medicine are often seen as wealthy because of their salary.More importantly, they must be acknowledged with their competence and hard work before they get the title of a doctor.  It is not enough to be satisfied on what you think is best. There must be an actual involvement in classroom and workplace to make the journey at ease. However, it is also important to instill values on everything we do. Having the combination of knowledge-filled mind, mastery of medicine practice, and desirable attitude will have a sum of a competent individual.

Dr. Jim Eells is seen as a man with sincere heart. He has an exceptional care for the patients he treats. As a person, he is not after the financial capability of patients but of quality on what he provides. He doesn’t think much of getting paid big. Dr. Jim Eells simply gives his time to listen and give the most effective medical solution.

As part of his humble beginnings, he also experienced the “student role” when he chose his course in Chemistry and Biology in 1982. He earned a doctorate degree at University of Nevada, a medical institution around the area. Lastly, he was a student at American College of Physicians since 1989. Being a student is not as easy as playing your favorite game. It is not all about enjoyment and positive way of recreation activity. People will expect for exhaustive absorption of concepts. Dr. Ells was able to overcome the standards on every institution he had an involvement with. He even got the board certification and high MCAT scores as a result of studying hard. Furthermore, he was a former USAF officer, National board passer, American board passer, and State board passer.


After enriching his mind, Dr. Eells ventured into several trainings like internship, residency for internal medicine, and service as a military officer. All activities last for a year and more. It means that acquisition of skills requires patience and great determination. If you will easily lose the enthusiasm, nothing will happen. There will only be regret and negative perspective about life. Dr. Eells is unique because he is versatile on doing his job.

Whenever there are plenty of appointments, he never complains and gives his responsibilities to others. Instead, Dr. Jim Eells still manage to give a warm approach to his patients. He serves as an inspiration to the aspiring doctors who want to give selfless service to people.